Experience our full body workout offering a fusion of TRX suspension training, weighted functional movements, and explosive intervals of cardio that will have you feeling stronger, leaner and more powerful in everyday life. We lift, we jump, we twist, we hold, we BURN!

Lift, strengthen and tone your legs, booty and core! This dynamic workout combines strength based exercises with intervals of plyo and cardio for an ultimate lower body burnout.​

Get your cardio fix with a series of challenges that include intervals of speed drills, circuits and body weight exercises for a high intensity, sweat drenching workout.​



Sculpt and tone with this full body workout combining Yoga, Pilates and Ballet inspired movements.  Experience a mix of resistance exercises using light weights, cardio intervals and flexibility training.  


Enhance your practice with our rejuvenating and energizing candlelit flow. Our class offers a unique blend of Vinyasa Yoga, Primal and Pilates inspired movements that open the joints, lengthen and stretch muscles providing increased overall mobility. Each week we feature a new theme and an exciting #throwbackthursday playlist.